Off-Grid Solar Power Generation

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What Is an Off-Grid Solar Power Generation System?

An off-grid solar power generation system is a ‘stand-alone’ system, independent of any grid power source.  Off-grid systems are used when there is either no grid connection available or you simply choose not to be connected to a grid!


Our off-grid solar energy systems combine the latest technologies:

  • High output solar panels
  • Generator sets
  • Gel storage batteries
  • Inverters

We use only the most reliable products from domestic and internationally renowned brands such as  Hyundai, Honda and Outback inverters.




Why Opt for an Off-Grid Power Generation System?

For many people, powering their homes or businesses using an off-grid system makes economic sense, as connecting to the grid from remote locations can cost up to $80,000 per KM!  Grid companies and electricity retails have also signalled imminent price increases of up to 15%.

Off-grid systems also appeal to our environmental values.  Evidence of climate change is mounting and the true cost to our environment of conventional energy generation is becoming increasingly clear.  So off-grid systems give home and business owners the power to choose their electricity source and the impact they have on their environment.


In remote locations, stand-alones can be more cost-effective than extending a power line to the electricity grid.  But these systems are also used by people who live near the grid but wish to gain independence from the power provider or demonstrate a commitment to non-polluting energy sources.












Can CPS  Help?

Yes!  CPS are experts in domestic renewable power generation for your home or business and we can design and supply a off-grid or grid-connected renewable energy system that meets your exact needs.  We install solar energy systems for a wide range of customers, including rural, residential and business – across the South Island.

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