Reduce Your Electricity Bills by up to 100% with Solar Energy!

Solar panel energy systems are scalable according to factors such as budget, consumer needs and installation site. They can produce up to 100% of your home or business’ energy requirement. A typical solar system for home or small business produces up to 75% of your energy needs.
An “Import-export” meter will record the energy produced by your Solar panels or consume from the grid. So effectively, whenever you generate a surplus, you‘re selling our energy back to the grid.

Solar Power Diagram, CPS

Key Benefits of A Solar Panel Energy System

  • ☑ Solar energy is FREE
  • ☑ Solar energy is TOTALLY SILENT & CLEAN to produce
  • ☑ Solar energy is RENEWABLE ENERGY, meaning it is naturally produced and replenished

What I Can Expect From A Solar Panel Energy System?

All our Solar panels carry a 25 Years Warranty and it’s not unusual for them to be performing up to 40 Years from installation.
So at a time when energy prices are rapidly increasing and there’s doubt over future ownership of our utility companies, our solar energy systems offer families and businesses certainty over the cost and production of their energy for years to come.

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